Our Community Project

Street Lighting Systems for Rural India.
Supply of Solar Street Lighting Systems under Government of India programme to remote Hill tribal settlements


Our Best Project

OEM Manufacture & Supply of PV Modules.
Design, Manufacture & Supply of Solar PV module in global brand likes of Solar World AG , Shell Solar GmbH, Reliance.,

Our Team

Founder and Chairman
Leads a team of highly experienced professionals in the innovative design and manufacture
Managing Director
Responsible for the KL Solar's business activities
Business Development Director
Responsible for the KL Solar's business development
Sales and Marketing Director
Responsible for KL Solar's Sales and Marketing activities, including the preparation of bids and tender documents
Chief Design Engineer
Chief designer in charge for the design of the various photovoltaic systems


Company Head

 Mr. N.Krishnakumar established KL Solar Company in September 2004. His success in developing KL Solar Company over the past six years originated from his experience with his prior two companies. Prior to founding
KL Solar, Mr. N.Krishnakumar was  a promoter Director of the first Indian private sector company in Solar Photovoltaics as early as in 1984.He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering. He has proven himself to be a leader and model of achievement through his hard work and dedication.


About Us

KL Solar Company is an internationally recognized manufacturer of mono and polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) cells & modules. We have a long history as a solar PV pioneer since it was founded in 2004 as a 100% Export Oriented Unit in India. Our high-quality PV modules provide clean and reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications around the world. With local sales and marketing offices as well as installation partners, we at KL Solar are committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of solar energy and developing a sustainable PV industry.
Our research, development and manufacturing of solar cells and solar modules are conducted at our facilities in Coimbatore, India, where we occupy a site area of approximately 3,600 square meters. Our present total installed annual production capacity for solar cells is 30MW & 15MW for solar modules.
KL Solar produces and commercializes a wide variety of photovoltaics (PV) cells & modules, both in monocrystalline and in polycrystalline, with power outputs of PV modules ranging from 20W to 340W. Adapting our product range to meet market demands allow us to provide our customers with a broader range of solutions
KL Solar sells and markets its products in number of European counties, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey, where government incentives have accelerated the adoption of solar power. KL Solar also targets in emerging PV markets such as France, the Bangladesh, South Korea, India and Australia. KL Solar sells its products to distributors, wholesalers and PV system integrators around the globe.

Email : info @ klsolar.com
Telephone : +91-8012245000             
KL Solar Company Pvt. Ltd.,
1/482-B,Transport Nagar,
Neelambur, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, PIN : 641062
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